Maryland Grave Care, LLC

Helping memories live on for those who are gone

A little about Maryland Grave Care, LLC

We are a small, family owned business born out of the love of history and the desire to preserve these outdoor museums. Everyone plays a part in history, whether they end up internationally famous or remain an unsung hero - nonetheless, each person will have a monument in their remembrance. The last thing a family wants is for that monument to fall into disrepair.

We provide individualized grave site tending including gravestone cleaning, site cleaning, light landscaping (weeding, raking, trimming), planting of new flowers or attending to existing ones, and before-and-after visit photos sent directly to you. Site visits can be arranged on a planned service schedule or on a special occasion basis. Additional available services include planting and maintenance of a variety of annual and perennial flowering plants. Flowers and plantings for special occasions available based on seasonal blooming patterns. Grave site decorations can also be arranged for specific holidays including wreaths and greens for Christmas and flags for Memorial and Veterans Day.

The internet and social media can sure help, but we believe in the more old-fashioned approach of meeting face-to-face or talking on the phone. It is important to us that you know we are very serious about what we do. Treating your family's memories with the honor and respect they are due is one of our core principles.


Some reasons to choose Maryland Grave Care

  • You are simply unable to care for the site.
  • You live out of town and want peace of mind knowing that everything is cared for.
  • Family and other demands make it difficult for you to make the time.
  • You may find visiting too emotional at this time.
  • You've recently lost your loved one and don't know where to start.
  • Knowing that you are ensuring their resting place is card for, shows your respect and love for them. This gives you piece of mind.

Call today, let us help...

Let us put a grave care plan in motion for you. We have a number of packages to choose from to help you maintain your loved ones site.

Our Services page will go over the packages in more detail.